What To Expect

Visiting a church can be intimidating.  We understand that.  When are the services? How should I dress?  What about my children?  We want you to answer some of these basic questions for you so that you have a better sense of what to expect.

When Are The Services?

At Redemption OPC our Morning Worship service begins at 10:30am and we are finished by noon.  On the first and third Sundays of the month we have a meal together.  The fellowship meal provides a wonderful time to get to know each other and we encourage you to stay if you are able.  

We meet again at 6:00pm for a time of Evening Instruction where we focus on biblical instruction, scripture and catechism memory, and singing hymns together.

How Should I Dress?

At Redemption OPC we do not overly concern ourselves with dress.  It's probably safe to say that most of our congregation dresses somewhere between "business casual" to "business informal."  But we always remember that our "business" in worship is to glorify our God.

What About My Children?

At Redemption OPC we worship together as families.  The Lord welcomes little children to Himself, even in worship. Therefore, we believe that little children should be welcomed and included in our worship services.  

Practically speaking this means several things.  It means that we may at times hear the cries and coos of children in worship.  We're okay with that because we hope that one day these cries and coos will turn to confessions of faith, prayer, and praise.  It also means that it's often more difficult for parents with young children, but since children learn by watching and imitating their parents, the most important thing that we as parents can teach and model for our children is the regular and weekly act of worshipping the Lord with reverence, joy, and sincerity.  

There is a nursery/ cry room with a window and audio just outside the main worship hall where you can sooth a fussy child.